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March 24, 2021 Covid-19 Event Updates | City of Columbia Removes More Restrictions

Here's the newest updates to the City of Columbia Covid Order for Bars, Restaurants and Special Events! These new updates begin today and are effective March 24, 2021 - April 14, 2021:

With the number of new covid cases here in Mid-Missouri steadily declining, the City of Columbia has issued a new, even more more relaxed set of covid restrictions for Bars, Restaurants and Venues.

This is good news for couples planning their weddings!

This information was provided to us by the City of Columbia and passed along to you as a PSA.


View the City's Gatherings, Events and Seasonal Guidance Page for more special events tips and safety steps, and to submit an Operational Plan to the City.


View the updated Boone County order here:


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