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Lisa Wampler

Lisa is the wife of DJ Jonathan. Together they started Blue Diamond Events in Las Vegas, NV. She is a woman of many hats: musician, vocalist, planner/coordinator, Pinterest crafter, and graphic designer.


Her creative and attentive personality allows her to help each of her clients find the best vendors, and perfect their unique style and vision for each event.


Event Planner and Coordinator

Photo Booth Manager


"Lisa was extremely professional and helpful since the beginning. She did so much for us! Thanks to her and all her effort we had a beautiful wedding. She clearly has lots of experience with weddings and knowing which vendors are best. She's also a very good listener and had lots of patience! At the same time she is very active and was able to solve last minute problems. I loved her decorations and the arch she had for us at the wedding. Thanks so much Lisa! You are the best!"


—  Name, Title

Things I Love

1. My children and husband

2. Cold thai tea

3. Getting my nails done

4. Food from all over the world

5. Singing, recording and coaching other artists

6. The feeling when things fall into place perfectly

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