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Design Ideas | The Anatomy of a Photo Booth Template

Here at Blue Diamond Events, we LOVE to customize every little detail of our clients' weddings.

That includes our Diamond Photo Booth Templates.

So, I thought I'd give all of you lovely people the lowdown on the design elements that make up our photo booth templates. As a bonus, I've also included a list of 5 Modern Wedding Font Combinations that our clients (and our team) absolutely love.



Our Social Media Booth, Vintage Glam Booth, Modern Diamond Booth, and Live Photography Booth all come with a custom designed photo template. That means we can match your unique wedding design or theme to your photo booth prints.

Fun guest favors ...

So without further adieu ... here's our list of the design elements that go into creating a custom photo booth template:

1. Names

Pretty much every couple will put their names on their photo templates. Guests will take these home and hang them on their fridge, add them to a photo collage, or tack them up on their desk at work. They want to remember what wedding they attended and having your names on the print is a pretty simple way of telling everyone where they were when they created these sweet memories.

2. Wedding Date

This element is just as important as including your name on your template design.

3. Customization or Monogram

Often couples have a custom monogram created for their wedding. They might use it for their invitations, menu cards, save the date cards, venue lighting (see monogram lighting), cake, etc.

If you have already had a monogram created for your big day, we can utilize that on your photo templates as well! If you haven't but you'd like to have one created, we are happy to design your monogram and share the files so you can use it everywhere to personalize your decor.

4. Background Texture or Image

Most photo templates have a background image or texture. This can be any high resolution image/graphic or color, but the best ones are usually neutral and often match the theme or decor design of your wedding and venue.

The 4X6 photo card in the example below was created to match our client's summer greenery wedding decor at the beautiful Blue Bell Farms in Fayette, MO. You can read our blog post from their special day HERE.

5. Themed Elements

Every wedding has it's own unique design elements, and we like to incorporate them into your templates as well. So if you're having a modern wedding with blush peonies and greenery, we're going to add these elements to your template as well. Because a fluid design is at the core of every perfectly put-together wedding.

6. Booth Photos

The most important (and fun) part of your template is your Booth Photos! You get to choose the number of images (typically 1-4) you'd like on each print.

When you and your guests use our photo booth, these photos are taken individually during each session, and then automatically inserted into your photo template. Guests can get creative during their session, acting out a scene with each photo progression, or spelling out words - one photo at a time. The possibilities are endless!

After your wedding, we compile all of your digital files - that includes your digital photo booth prints (like the example below), the original booth photos (like the 3 images on the print in the example below), and your GIF files (yes our booths create GIFS!) - and email them to you so you can download them, share them with your guests and online, and cherish them forever!

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anatomy, photo booth, template, 2x6, photo, strips, prints, parts, blue diamond events, weddings, wedding



Here's our list of 5 Modern Wedding Font Combinations we are loving right now:

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5 Modern Wedding Font Combinations

1. White Garden + Avenir Next

2. Miss Fajardose + Champagne & Limousines

3. Bold Stylish Calligraphy + Kaiti TC

4. Dandelion Vintage + Big Carlson

5. Vincentia + Hiragino Sans


More Wedding Design Ideas from Blue Diamond Events:



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