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Get The Look | Wispy Ethereal Wedding | Pinterest Mood Board Inspo

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Pinterest is a bride-to-be's best friend, but often clients aren't sure how to bring the dreamy wedding designs they see to life. So I thought I'd offer a little help au gratis.

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You can find all of the items you need to create this trending 2019 wedding look below:


You can find this Metal Ceremony Arch at A-1 Party & Event Rentals in Columbia, MO.

Rental Details:

  • 3 Day: $104.75

  • Metal frame with a hammer gray finish.107"H x 61"W x 19"D


You can find these Glass Vases at A-1 Party & Event Rentals in Columbia, MO.

Rental Details:

  • 3 Day: $3.25

  • This is a clear glass cylinder vase that measures 10.5"H X 3.5"W.

  • It is great for a small floral arrangement or a candle.


You can find these Glass Vases at A-1 Party & Event Rentals in Columbia, MO.

Rental Details:

  • 3 Day: $3.25

  • This is clear glass cylinder vase that measures 6"H x 3.5"W.

  • It is great for a small floral arrangement or a candle.


You can find these Silver Mint Julep Cups at A-1 Party & Event Rentals in Columbia, MO.

Rental Details:

  • 3 Day: $3.25

  • This is a silver plate mint julep cup.

  • It is 4.5"H and can be used for small floral arrangements.


5. Lamour Matte Satin Table Linen

You can find Peach Lamour Matte Satin Table Linens at A-1 Party & Event Rentals in Columbia, MO.

Rental Details:

  • 3 Day Rental

  • Prices are dependent on linen size and material


You can find these Kazuko 12 oz. Glass Goblets by Mistana at Wayfair online.


  • 1 Set of 4: $43.69

  • 30 Sets of 4: $1,310.70

Product Details:

  • Overall: 6.5'' H x 3.65'' W

  • Capacity: 12 oz.

  • SKU: BGLS7683

  • A perfect vessel for your vino, this goblet is sure to do the trick! Crafted from clear glass, each goblet in this set of four showcases a raised design inspired by glassware from the South of Spain. Best of all, they're dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

  • About Mistana: Pacific coast–inspired boho furniture and decor celebrating the individuality of your home, where beautiful and bold designs share a unique story.


You can find these Concrete Effect Square Cube Vases at Koyal Wholesale online.


  • $11.99 USD each

Product Details:

  • SKU : 805375

  • Concrete Decor Inspired.

  • Distinct concrete look, weight and feel.

  • Measures: 5 inches x 5 inches. Opening is 4.5 inches.

  • Our concrete decor items are made using quality ceramic material.

  • Safely holds water, floral foam, flower arrangements, votive candles and tea light candles.

  • Sold individually

  • Create a modern wedding centerpiece with our entire collection of concrete wedding decor. Use for geode wedding ideas, geometric wedding ideas, botanical centerpiece ideas


You can find these Custom Wedding Table Numbers from ChicagoFactoryGifts on Etsy.


  • $16.50 each

Product Details:

  • SKU: GP1658

  • 1/4" thick acrylic (plexiglass) - stronger and more durable than glass

  • 5" tall x 7" wide x 1/8" thick

  • A base is supplied to ensure that your table number will be able to stand on its own

  • Our engraved and hand painted table numbers are a gorgeous heirloom quality. The surface printed table numbers are not painted but permanently printed in full color and are waterproof. The surface printed design won't scratch off and there won't be any peeling, bubbling or wrinkles like with vinyl or stickers.

  • The surface printed table numbers retain all of the same beautiful detail but without the hand painting and engraving.

Available Colors:

  • Surface Printed with White

  • Surface Printed with Black

  • Silver Paint

  • Rose Gold Paint

  • Copper Paint

  • Gold Paint

  • Engraved


9. Gold Chiavari Chairs

You can find these Chiavari Chairs at A-1 Party & Event Rentals in Columbia, MO.

Rental Details:

  • 3 Day: $7.50

  • Gold chiavari chairs with an ivory cushion.


You can find these Cuisinox Salt and Pepper Shaker Sets at Wayfair online.

Product Details:

  • Price: $32.99

  • The Cuisinox Salt and Pepper Shaker Set consist of cylindrical design that looks attractive.

  • The shakers taper slightly towards the top and bottom.

  • Stainless steel lends strength and robustness to this salt and pepper shaker set. The base of these shaker set are flat and can easily balance.

  • The design of the Salt and Pepper Shaker Set by Cuisinox allows it to easily blend in to a dining area decorated to look modern.

  • “S” and “P” signs are denoted on the top for easy identification of salt container and pepper container.


11. Highland Dunes Audel Glazed Table Vase (pictured wrapped in twine)

You can find these Highland Dunes Audel Glazed Table Vase at Wayfair online.

Product Details:

  • Price: $28.99

  • Beautifully unique Blanc de Chine design and texture

  • Size: 5.63'' H x 4'' W x 4'' D

  • Opening: 1.25'' W

  • 1.4 lb.

  • Product Type: Table vase

  • Shape: Bud

  • Color: White

  • Primary Material: Ceramic

  • Water Resistant: Yes

  • Lead Free: Yes

  • Watertight: Yes

  • Product Care: Hand wash and wipe clean with a dry cloth



Pampas Grass


  • Seasonal availability: August through September

  • Take your arrangements from “gorgeous” to “spectacular” with Pampas Grass. Effervescent silvery taupe plumes explode from the top of each stem, creating incredible textural pops.

  • This filler greenery is a lively accent in autumn arrangements.

  • Pair this gorgeous greenery with other exciting blooms, such as Amaryllis Pink Flowers, David Austin Roses Peach Juliet Ausgameson, and Natural White Peonies.

  • Average Stem Length: 42 inches

  • Once Pampas grass begins to dry, typically within 3 to 4 days, it will "bloom" and will shed slightly.

  • Expected vase life is an average of 5 days with proper care and handling.


Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus


  • Seasonal availability: Year-round

  • Leaves are circular, 1–2 inches in diameter, and are clasping and closely spaced on the stems.

  • Stems are woody, cut to various lengths.

  • Plant is a broad leaf evergreen tree, Leaves have an aromatic, medicinal, or lemon-like fragrance.

  • Stem Length: Various lengths 12-18inches and it depends  the weight of the seeds.


Pale Pink Roses

Pale Pink Roses


  • Seasonal availability: Year-round

  • Rose Secret Garden is large flower dusty pink.  A popular wedding rose. 

  • Secret Garden opens with a light pink dusty color.


Fresh Wheat Greens

Fresh Wheat Greens


  • Seasonal availability: September through November

  • Average Stem Length: 24"+

  • Fresh Wheat Greens add a pleasant, abundant accent to arrangements.

  • The gorgeous beige-and-green seed heads are immensely detailed with scale-like skin, while the unique grassy texture adds a rustic touch to any event.

  • Pair this greenery with other rustic blooms, such as Aster Flowers White, Yellow Tinted Rice Flowers, Grape Hyacinth Muscari Blue, and New Love Baby’s Breath.

  • Symbolism: The signification of wheat is love and charity.


Burgundy Black Dahlias


  • Seasonal availability: This variety is typically available year-round.

  • Average Bloom Size: 2 to 4 inches

  • Average Stem Length: 23 to 28 inches

  • Stunning with rich dark burgundy and chocolate hues intertwined on the petals. An eye-catching flower for any arrangement, these decorative globe-shaped flowers feature with dark burgundy petals, nearly black or dark chocolate in appearance. Perfect for unique wedding bouquets, table centerpiece, or boutonnieres.

  • Dahlias are extremely delicate and require refrigeration.


Burgundy Red Peonies

Burgundy Red Peonies


  • Seasonal availability: Monthly

  • Average Bloom Width: 2.5 to 4 inches.

  • Average stem length: 15 to 20 inches.

  • Peonies begin with small, tight buds, but quickly start to unfurl into their distinctive, cloud-shaped blooms.

  • Their ruffled petals feature a rich blend of burgundy, wine, and true red tones, which is perfect for high-contrast boho-inspired arrangements.

  • Pair with blooms like peachy watermelon ranunculus fresh cut flowers, light blue delphinium flowers, Ester light pink roses, and hues of apricot lisianthus flowers.

  • Symbolism: Peonies symbolize a happy life and marriage.


Pink Coral Reef Airbrushed Spider Mum (Pictured Above Non Blooming)

Pink Coral Reef Airbrushed Spider Mum


  • Seasonal availability: Available year around

  • Average Bloom Width: 2 to 4 inches

  • Average stem length: 20 inches

  • Lively tinted coral firework shaped bloom which adds both depth and exploding texture to your event flowers. Each stem has a single head with long, tubular outer petals and a bulb-like center. This rush of color is perfect for a bright themed wedding or outdoor event when paired with stems like Autumn Dream Roses and white anemones.

  • Symbolism: Mums represent positivity and a cheerful disposition.


Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ Smoke Tree


  • Seasonal availability: Smoke-like purplish pink panicles appear in late spring and continue into early summer

  • A deciduous landscape standard with rounded leaves that emerge wine-red and mature to a deep reddish-purple.

  • It has plume-like seed clusters, which appear after the flowers and give a long-lasting, smoky haze to branch tips.


Shirley Poppies


  • Seasonal availability: Availability of poppies is variable throughout the year, so availability dates can vary. (pictured flower is actually silk and can be purchased on Etsy HERE.)

  • Poppies are trending, and we sourced the prettiest of all, Shirley poppy in shades of orange and yellow. A small bundle of delicate poppies to add to vases and bridal bouquets.

  • Poppy bundle: 7 poppy flowers and 3 poppy buds per stem. 15-inches from flower tip to stem end, and as wide as you'd like to shape these.


Willow Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery


  • Seasonal availability: Year-round

  • Average Stem Length: 15 to 20 inches

  • Wispy with a light aroma, Willow Fresh Eucalyptus Greenery has it all!

  • The grey-green spear leaves run the length of the stem for a romantic, cascading look for a bridal bouquet or sprawling table centerpiece.

  • Arrange with favorites like True White Garden Roses, White Lisianthus, and White Spray Bulk Roses for a monochromatic, picture-perfect look.

  • Symbolism: Eucalyptus is representational of strength.




If you have a Wedding Pinterest Board full of your dream wedding decor and you don't know where to start don't fret. Contact me today and learn how we can help you create your dream wedding design.

Best wishes,

(573) 567-0016


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