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A Fairytale Wedding: Laura and Parker's Unforgettable Day

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Join us as we embark on an extraordinary journey with Laura and Parker, a couple whose love surpassed distance and time zones. Living in Ireland during the entire wedding planning period, they embraced the power of technology, relying on Zoom, lots of phone calls, and Laura's mom to bring their dream wedding to life. Through virtual consultations, late-night planning sessions, and unwavering determination, they defied the odds, proving that love knows no boundaries.

Separated by an ocean from family, friends, and their entire vendor team, Laura and Parker's transatlantic wedding planning adventure was a testament to their unwavering love and commitment. Despite the challenges of living in Ireland, they embraced technology, using Zoom & phone calls to collaborate with our team, so that we could coordinate with vendors, help make important decisions, and create a wedding day that reflected their unique love story. Time zone differences became the backdrop for late-night planning sessions, as they built relationships and navigated every detail with grace and determination. Together, they showed us that love conquers all, even when oceans stand in the way.


Love, joy, and enchantment filled the air as Laura and Parker embarked on their journey of eternal togetherness. Their wedding day was nothing short of a fairytale, brimming with special moments, extraordinary experiences, and the perfect blend of vendors who helped bring their dream to life. Join us as we delve into the highlights of their magical day.

As fate would have it, nature decided to join in the celebration in its own unique way. The gentle breeze, though uninvited, brought a certain ethereal quality to the day. The wind played mischievously with the bride's veil, creating stunning, almost poetic, moments captured by the talented, Toni Wieberg Photography.

Photos Compliments of: @ToniWiebergPhotography

But perhaps the most unforgettable guest of all was an unassuming chicken that decided to make a grand entrance right in the middle of the ceremony. With impeccable timing, the feathered friend strutted across the aisle, capturing everyone's attention. It was an unexpected and hilarious moment that brought laughter and a light-heartedness to the proceedings. Laura and Parker embraced the unexpected visitor, finding joy in the spontaneous and unpredictable nature of their special day.

Photos Compliments of: @ToniWiebergPhotography

Laura and Parker's love extended beyond their union; it encompassed their families and friends. The family portraits and group photos captured the essence of the bonds they shared. The warmth and happiness emanating from each frame showcased the love and support of their nearest and dearest. These cherished memories will forever remind them of the importance of family.

Laura and Parker's ceremony was an emotional and unforgettable experience. The seamless procession of the wedding party, accompanied by the romantic notes of "A Thousand Years," built anticipation for the bride's grand entrance. Laura, escorted by her father, exuded elegance as they walked down the aisle to the timeless tune of "Can't Help Falling in Love." The heartfelt vows, hand-fasting ceremony, and exchange of rings beautifully symbolized their commitment and love for each other.

Photos Compliments of: @ToniWiebergPhotography

The Leme Ensemble and DJ Shark Attack played pivotal roles in setting the perfect mood for the day. The classical and Celtic melodies performed by Leme Ensemble during the prelude added an ethereal touch to the atmosphere. As the DJ arrived, the energy shifted, preparing guests for an unforgettable evening of celebration and dancing. DJ Shark Attack's skillful song selections and vibrant mixes kept the dance floor alive throughout the night.

The reception was an enchanting affair filled with delightful surprises. The grand entrance of Laura and Parker as "Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly" ignited the festivities. Their first dance to the soulful melody of "Beyond" brought tears to everyone's eyes, as they shared their love on the dance floor. The speeches delivered by loved ones brought laughter, tears, and heartfelt moments, celebrating the couple's journey.

The success of Laura and Parker's wedding was a testament to the expertise and dedication of their vendors. Toni Wieberg Photography's artistic eye, the Leme Ensemble's captivating melodies, and DJ Shark Attack's seamless transitions created an ambiance that left an indelible mark on everyone's hearts. The catering team flawlessly served a delicious buffet, and the cake cutting ceremony was a sweet moment made memorable by the perfectly chosen song. The late-night snack of Pizza Tree's mouthwatering pizzas added an extra touch of enjoyment.

Laura and Parker's fairytale wedding was an exquisite celebration of love, joy, and unity. From the tender moments shared during their first look to the lively dance floor and heartfelt speeches, every element was meticulously crafted to create an unforgettable experience. Blue Diamond Events coordination team is truly honored to work with all these vendors to make each part of Laura & Parker's wedding day come together seamlessly. With the unwavering support of their vendors, Laura and Parker's vision came to life, leaving an enduring imprint of love, happiness, and cherished memories for years to come.



Venue | @bluebellfarmmo

Coordination | @bluediamondeventsweddings

Photography | @toniwiebergphotography

Florals | @kentsonbroadway

Hair & Makeup | @salonenviedoeshair

Decor Rentals | @pretty.lil.things

DJ | @djsharkattackcomo

Ceremony Ensemble | @lemeensemble

Cake | @hyveecolumbia & @smallcakescomo

Late Night Snack | @pizzatreecomo

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