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March 2021 Covid-19 Updates | City of Columbia Relaxes Restrictions Even Further for Events & Bars

It almost feels like we're back to pre-covid event practices (plus masks of course) with the new updates the City of Columbia has made to it's New Covid Restrictions for Bars, Restaurants and Special Events!

Read on to learn about the newly issued updates to the City of Columbia's Covid-19 Restrictions.

With the number of new covid cases here in Mid-Missouri declining, the City of Columbia has issued a new, slightly more relaxed set of covid restrictions for Bars, Restaurants and Venues.

View The New City of Columbia Order

This is good news for couples planning their weddings! Here's a list of the updates / changes released in the new order affecting weddings and events in Columbia, Missouri:

Below are the changes outlined in the new order:

  • Pertaining to Guest Count: Any large group gathering or event held at a business or institution open to the public is limited to 50% of the authorized occupancy or a maximum of 200 people. (This was changed from the previous maximum of 100 people.)

  • Pertaining to What Time Your Reception Can End: Restaurants, bars and entertainment venues may resume normal operating hours, subject to the operational requirements set forth in the order. (Closing time was midnight in the previous order.)

  • Pertaining to Catering and Bartending Services: Bar service and buffet service are allowed with social distancing and face mask requirements observed by patrons. Any patron ordering at the bar, visiting the buffet or otherwise moving about the premises is required to wear a face mask at all times. (Bar and buffet services were not allowed in the previous order.)

  • Pertaining to Venue Occupancy: Entertainment facilities are limited to 200 individuals, provided an Operational Plan meeting the minimum requirements is submitted and approved by the Health Director. (The previous order listed 100 total individuals.)

  • Pertaining to Hair & Make-Up Appointments: Personal care services are limited to social distancing occupancy and must follow face mask requirements except when necessary to provide services for which social distancing or a face mask are not possible.

  • Pertaining to Sanitization Practices: Guidance for disinfection has been altered in this order to reflect FDA recommendations. This includes the removal of guidance requiring disinfection of shared items in between each use. Regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces is still required.

These orders go into effect at 12:00 p.m. (noon) on March 4, 2021, and will expire at 11:59 a.m. on March 24, 2021, unless extended, rescinded or modified prior to such expiration.

This information was provided to us by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce and passed along to you as a PSA. Blue Diamond Events is a proud member of the Columbia Chamber of Commerce, and the Women's Network.

View the City's Gatherings, Events and Seasonal Guidance Page for more special events tips and safety steps, and to submit an Operational Plan to the City.

View the updated Boone County order here:

View the New Boone County Order

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