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New Covid-19 Order | City of Columbia Relaxes Restrictions on Bars, Restaurants, and Special Events

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Well here we are ... February 2021, and covid is still a part of the conversation when it comes to planning weddings and events.

The good news is Love Is NOT Cancelled and amazing weddings moments are still being created and enjoyed every single day.

Read on to learn about the newly issued updates to the City of Columbia's Covid-19 Restrictions.

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Tricia + Jake | 10/31/20 | Stephens College & Bur Oak Brewery

With the number of new covid cases here in Mid-Missouri declining, the City of Columbia has issued a new, slightly more relaxed set of covid restrictions for Bars, Restaurants and Venues.

This is good news for couples planning their weddings! Here's a few of the notable new and current restrictions affecting weddings and events in Columbia, Missouri:

  • Venues are now allowed to stay open until midnight.

  • All patrons are required to be seated at all times when not entering/ exiting the business or visiting a restroom facility.

  • A face mask is required to be worn by any patron not seated at a table.

  • Guests must maintain at least six-foot (6 ft.) social distancing from other individuals when moving about the venue.

  • During operating hours, venues are permitted to operate with no occupancy limitations; provided, however, groups of patrons shall be limited to a maximum of ten (10) persons per table and Social Distancing Requirements between tables/groups of patrons shall be observed (tables must be spaced at least 6 ft. apart)

  • Guests should be assigned to a table for future contract tracing when necessary.

  • With the exception of carry-out services, there shall be no standing bar, counter or buffet service. A request for an exception or waiver to the "no standing bar, counter or buffet service" requirement may be approved by the Health Director pursuant to Section 1.18. - Buffet style service can still be approved for events where all food and drink items are safely and properly served by catering and/or event staff.


View the City's Gatherings, Events and Seasonal Guidance Page for more special events tips and safety steps.


View the updated Boone County order here:


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